The main aim of Stop Violence is to help different individuals to play their part and ensure that there is a stop of violence regardless of the gender of the particular individual. By doing this, we are not only going to spread the word of stopping violence to the individual but this is also going to spread across different communities and homes. For Stop Violence to be able to do this, we are able to bring together different businesses, government leaders, and different communities.

What stop violence does is that it specifies the need for different individuals to be responsible enough and also ensure that they are able to keep the peace regardless of the situation that one has been put in. not only is stop violence important, but it is also a way in which we can be able to ensure that we are able to live in an environment that is peaceful and calm.

At Stop Violence, we also take the time to collect the right amount of resources that are related to non-repressive responses in regards to a number of different types of violence that many of us tend to face in our day to day lives. We always want to spread the word that violence should not always be the solution to any problem that you may be faced with. There are other ways in which disputes can be sorted out without necessarily having to be violent. By ensuring that everyone is able to remain peaceful and mind their own business, this is also bound to change the society and how different people believe that things should work. For example, the society needs to have an environment that is peaceful and safe in all ways. Also, people need to understand that they need to give justice a chance.